Jachtbouw Nederland is a B2B magazine with 6 issues per year, a circulation of 2.500 in print plus an E-zine copy in the JachtbouwNL App (iOS/Android)

Through news articles and interviews Jachtbouw Nederland explores marketing practices, innovation and quality. We examine products, market trends and industry developments.

Each issue includes product news, news from yacht builders, an interview or article on yacht design, a special built or yacht building method and news and columns on management and entrepreneurship.

The larger part of our readers pay for a company subscription or have one via their branch organisation, which contributes to a healthy and well directed circulation, which we keep controlling and expanding.

Special subjects are included in this editorial calendar.

Publication dates Deadline Subjects
Nr 5 - 17/10 2017 25/9 **METS Tradeshow special 14-16/11 Amsterdam RAI** 
Nr 6 - 12/12 2017 20/11  *Company & Product presentation special ,BOOT Düsseldorf*


Ad sizes Rates Measurements
1/1 page € 1,345.00 220mm wide x 285mm high
+ 3mm around
1/2 page € 755.00 1/2 portrait 88mm wide x 237mm high
1/2 landscape 184mm wide x 115mm high
1/4 page € 475.00 1/4 portrait 88mm wide x 115mm high
1/4 landscape 184mm wide x 56mm high
€ 755.00 1/1 presentation page in December (example*)

about01**October: METS tradeshow special**
Trade magazine Jachtbouw Nederland offers to connect you with Dutch visitors and exhibitors at the November Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam.
The Netherlands has a huge leisure marine market and the Dutch account for a vast share of METS visitors (40%) and exhibitors.
This makes the Jachtbouw Nederland offer a peerless publicity opportunity.


about02Advertisers in this issue have a free entree in our METS-preview pages
Your entree in our “METS-preview” pages (single bookings at €150 excl. VAT) to promote your METS presence to Dutch clients, includes:

  • Your text (max. 100 words) may be in English or Dutch. Deadline: Sept. 25.
  • Your stand number at METS, high-res product picture, website address.

The content of this special is made free accessible on-line and in the JachtbouwNL App (iOS/Android) For extra attention a banner or editorial message can also be booked in the pre-METS newsletter Jachtbouw Actueel.

about03*December: Company & Product presentation*
Shortly after METS our production starts for the December Company & Product presentation special.
The moment to review choices in (newly presented) products and learn more about companies and the “course they’re steering”.
Your presentation in our print post-METS edition(Dec. 12) + free-in-App Yearbook costs €755 (excl. VAT).



For this December and Yearbook full-page entry, tell us about your company/product (300 words). Provide a company logo, address, website and 3 high-res pictures or more to choose from.

>> Please note, bookings Nov.21. latest, text & photo material latest Nov.24. <<