Fareast Yachts’ fast-growing stable

DUESSELDORF – The Dutch-South African studio Simonis & Voogd Yacht Design leaves a widening footprint on the industry. Its FarEast boats is one of the fastest growing marine companies in China.

Founded in 2002, it is the world’s biggest Optimist producer (1,000+ a year). It also makes 350 Far East R keel boats a year, all designed by Simonis & Voogd. The FarEast 28R is the first global One Design Class from a Chinese yard.

The 2018 Boot Duesseldorf show saw the launch of the FarEast 37R (photo). FarEast boats range from 18 to 31 ft. (5.9 to 9.5m). There is also a 36 ft. (11m) catamaran. They are all made in Shanghai. In 2017, FarEast invested in high-quality production automation. That raised the yard’s production efficiency by 30% and cut production losses by 80%.

Of the aluminum 37R (11.3m), Maarten Voogd says: “It is both a racer and family cruiser. “We have kept the weight to 4,400 kilos (9,700lbs) and the ballast ratio high.” It retails around $144,000, excl. tax.

“We did that to make the 37R the most spectacular boat in this size range. All parts, including the hull mold, are vacuum infused from aluminum molds,” says Voogd. “This is a more expensive production method, but delivers the preciseness, finish, and quality that an owner looks for in this range. Far East 37R will be the most competitive in its class. And at 37 ft., the inside is spacious and has all the amenities one expects from this size boat.” www.fareastyachts.eu