2021 Metstrade caps “fantastic” Rondal year

VOLLENHOVE – On the eve of the 2021 Metstrade, the Dutch high-end sailing systems maker Rondal looks back “on a fantastic year,” says Managing Director Harald Lubbinge. “We have engineered and built some great products,” he says.

Rondal Managing Director Harald Lubbinge

These include the radar mast for Broadwater, the motor yacht that won the “best refit” award at the 2021 World Superyachts Awards. “We also built and installed a large number of winches and feeders for a 100m+ sailing yacht, to be delivered in 2022,” says Lubbinge.

He’ll be at the Metstrade Show to explain what Rondal, which builds advanced sailing systems for Royal Huisman performance yachts, will be up to in the years ahead. Lubbinge will have lots to say.

Rondal has vast expertise in composites, as is evident from the diversity of its products. These include masts of 70+ m, complex winches and custom washbasins for owners and guests on Royal Huisman yachts.” We note that the number of companies manufacturing large aluminum masts is decreasing,” says Lubbinge. He adds that composite rigs will continue to dominate Rondal’s order book. Rondal will be at Stand 0.7.711  in the Superyacht Pavilion of the METS.

In 2021, Rondal optimized its Light Weight range to reduce the weight of winches while retaining their reliability and enhancing such critical characteristics as lightweight, silent and strong. Rondal is reviewing materials for winches considering composite (for drums), aluminum (for frames) and titanium (for sheave guides) to achieve optimum functionality and corrosion resistance.

Rondal is also optimizing hydraulic drives to achieve speeds of up to 75m (246ft) per minute and has been working on its electrically driven “High-speed High load” winches that can haul in +/-100m (328ft) per minute.

Rondal weighs frequency control functionality and safety features for electric winches, whereby the yacht’s system only needs to supply joystick signals and a minimum of supporting input. The same can be done for hydraulic winches, enabling standard brake functionality and sheaves for flow control while providing the same primary control for safety features as for electric winches.

Every aspect of all Rondal winches is being reviewed. More winch feedback is the goal to enable a crew to ‘sense’ the winch while operating it.