Wajer Yachts' season-opener 2019

AMSTERDAM _ It is an annual rite of spring. And on April 7, 2019, a sunny Sunday, 31 Wajer Yacht owners and assorted hangers-on, docked their high-end Wajers at the InterContinental Hotel on Amsterdam’s Amstel River.

Wajer Yachts at Intercontinental Hotel amsterdam

True to tradition, the season-opener began in Heeg, Wajer’s home and winter storage facility in northern Holland. It ended a 4-hour flotilla boat ride later in the Dutch capital where the 31 Wajers tooted their horns with a vengeance and formed a giant fan shape outside the InterContinental. Wajer is Dutch for fan. (see video link).

During the day, Wajer Yachts served food and drinks in aid of merrymaking, client grooming and branding. The company unveiled a new flagship: the Wajer 55 S, a sporty version of the Wajer 55. Already 20 have been sold.

From the InterContinental, Wajer Yachts ran a valet-service taking the cars of participants from Heeg to Amsterdam. Founded 27 years ago, Wajer Yachts has to date made more than 400 boats.