48V now available for Maxwell Power & Sail range

SCHIEDAM – Maxwell, a unit of Vetus, the Dutch developer, maker and marketeer of marine engines, generators and technical gear, is boosting onboard power with its new 48V DC engines.

As 48V battery banks are becoming increasingly popular on vessels, demand grows for 48V versions of high-power equipment like propulsion motors, bow thrusters, appliances and windlasses. In response to that trend and to remain an innovation leader in anchoring systems, Maxwell now provides a ‘48V upgrade’ option for the Maxwell P&S (Power and Sail) range (RC8 through RC12).

No matter the voltage of your battery bank – 12, 24 or 48V – Maxwell can supply the gear to suit your needs. Maxwell is the first manufacturer in the world to introduce a 48V option in their anchoring systems range.

This allows modern vessels to operate windlasses and winches directly from 48V house bank batteries. It is an option that saves space and costs. It means your 8V house bank system can now operate both your Vetus BOW PRO thruster and your Maxwell windlass with no need for additional 12V or 24V batteries upfront.

Maxwell has worked with its motor supplier to produce a 48V 1200W engine that is a direct fit alternative for the 12V and 24V 1000W/1200W models. So, any Maxwell windlass, available with the 1000W or 1200W motor, can now be supplied in 48V!

To order this 48V conversion, add the code P104756 to your order and Maxwell will convert the standard 12/24V windlass to a 48V version.