A Boat Düsseldorf 2021? They’ll tell us soon

DÜSSELDORF – The 2021 Boat Düsseldorf show is planned for the last week of January. A green light decision for the world’s biggest boating extravaganza will be given in early December.

Show Director Petros Michelidakis told an online press conference on Nov. 4, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, citing the COVID-19 pandemic, has banned all trade fairs until the end of November. It will decide on the way forward in early December.

Petros Michelidakis

This is crucial for Boat Düsseldorf logistics as large yachts start to arrive by water in December. The 2021 show is scheduled for Jan. 23-31, 2021.

Michelidakis said his organization will do all it can to stage a 2021 Boat Düsseldorf. “Safety has always been a top priority for us,” he added. “We were asked to implement a new safety strategy which we did successfully” for a recreational trailer event in September.

Boat Düsseldorf plans to hire 600 additional workers to enforce hygiene and prevention measures. Michelidakis said the German government “believes, as we do, that the lockdown will reduce the number of infections to a level where trade fairs with an approved hygiene concept can be held. Therefore, we’ll stick to Boot Düsseldorf in January.”

Michelidakis added that the global industry “is really anxious to present its boats again to a wide audience.  Düsseldorf is therefore once again the first trade fair in the new year to kick off the 2021 season”.