TILBURG – Almost a century ago, MOL Logistics began moving stuff from A to B. Today, its global transport expertise is not wasted on Dutch superyacht maker Heesen Yachts. It counts on MOL for special deliveries like that oh-so-delicate scale model of a 3-masted trader.

It had been taken by road from Russia to the 70m Galactica Super Nova Heesen delivered last year. It required 2 drivers + the scale model’s maker to haul it securely from Russia to the Netherlands. “We rely on partners that are as keen about quality as we are,” says Joris van Putten, head of spare parts and provisioning at Heesen. “We leave logistics to specialists.”

MOL Key Account Manager Marc Jochems says yacht makers don’t care if supplies come in by road, sea or air, “as long they arrive at the right time, in the right condition and at the right place.”

MOL transported a U-Boat Worx submersible to and from the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show. Logistics is a key concern for Dutch yachtbuilders. In 2017, superyacht maker Oceanco in Rotterdam outsourced all its logistics _ internal and external _ to a Rotterdam-area logistics provider.

MOL was found a century ago. In 2000, it was acquired by Japanese transport company OSK Lines. It is active in many sectors and annually handles 25,000 separate transport shipments which equal over 610 million packages.
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