A Düsseldorf Tzunami – New yard launches Tzunami boats

ZAANDAM, February 2017 ~ Hans van Dantzig and Nico Dekker, the men behind the recently formed Tzunami Boats joint venture, say they live by a simple rule: “Build what the customer wants.” TzunamiBoats, formed in 2015 from Alu-Boats and Rapid Marine, is marketing no-nonsense, aluminum RIBs which premiered at the 2017 Düsseldorf Boat Show

Tzunami Boats deliver custom-made aluminum craft for professional or recreational use. Its first project: a 10.3m aluminum RIB that can handle 2x400HP outboards engines that can render a top speed of 65 knots.

To enter the market, Van Dantzig and Dekker built 2 sample RIBs, each with its own specification. They stress that each RIB is custom-built in the Netherlands. Tzunami Boats has drawn its fast RIBs in several versions: 7.3m, 8m and 10.3m. for both recreational and commercial use. It includes a cabin and an inboard version.

The two men behind Tzunami Boats say their joint venture began a boyhood dream capping “many years of heavy duty sailing on RIBs. Van Dantzig and Dekker say they “wanted to build the ultimate nautical experience with unrestrained power.” The outcome, they add, is a “RIB which was never built before.”

The TZUNAMI RIBs are built for a beyond limits, fast and rough water experience. TZUNAMI can attain a speed of over 60 knots an hour and still giving you the optimum Safety. The sturdy aluminum hull is built for a durable and memorable experience at sea and on inland waters.


Corporate Snapshot

Tzunami RIBs offer the ultimate boating experience. Dutch-designed and built, they are no-nonsense, handcrafted, aluminum-hulled craft. Built for the sea and inland waters, Tzunamis can do more than 60 knots. They come in 6 models up to 10.3m and have inboard or outboard engines. Each is custom-built to meet a client’s needs.

Tzunami Boats – Archangelstraat 50 – 1506 NS  Zaandam – Netherlands | (+31) 638 902883 or (+31) 654 764967 / info@tzunamiboats.com / www.tzunamiboats.com