A fast, comfy runabout that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

ZWARTSLUIS – Only 6 years ago, yacht broker Siep Keizer was sketching his dream runabout. “Today,” he says, “we’re on the right track.” His 13.4m Keizer-42 is a fast, comfortable craft with a distinctive runabout look.

His key markets, says Keizer, are the Med and American waters. The Keizer-42 can achieve 40 knots, has an onboard ‘hotel suite’ and _ starting at under €326,000! _ does not cost an arm and a leg.

‘Runabout’ is a not a term used much anymore. “You hear it in the US still and I use it as a nod to the past,” Keizer tells Dutch Yacht Building. Indeed, there is something about the Keizer-42 that evokes the days of folks in white floppy flannels speeding across crystalline Italian lakes.

De Waterkampioen, the Netherlands’ leading boating magazine, says De Keizer-42 is a lot of boat for not much money “that delivers great boating and good looks.” Depending on the choice of twin Volvo Penta diesels (600, 740 or 800HP), the boat has a range of up to 400 miles and a cruising speed of 30kns. It will be shown at the Hiswa in-Water (Sept. 5-9) in Lelystad, Netherlands, and the Cannes (Sept. 11-16) and Monaco (Sept. 26-29) boat shows.

The glass-fiber-reinforced polyester holds a cabin with 1.9m (6.2ft) of headroom, a large double berth, a shower area and a separate toilet. Under the cockpit are 2 separate berths. The idea: The Keizer-42 _ a Vripack Design and Engineering project _ is both your runabout and hotel suite. The exterior affords 360-degree views from any cockpit location, including the aft-placed sunbed.

Keizer says the selling points of his runabout include good looks, great functionality such as good access, a cabin shower, customization options, a low price and a 40 knots top speed. “I did not choose to build the fastest runabout for there is always someone faster than you. But we did build a fast boat that is comfortable.”

Keizer plans to add models _ shorter and longer than 42ft. _ “but our priority now is to make a solid start with the 42footer. He says building longer depends on more market research, but in that case, it would likely be 50ft.-plus yacht. He aims for sales in the the Med and has a US importer.  In July the Keizer-42 had a ‘soft introduction’ to the US market at a small American boat show.

Keizer hopes to groom 10 or so dealers for the USA and Canada. “If they all do 1 or 2 boats a year, I’ll be a happy man,” he adds.