Korvet 8.

THE HAGUE _ Deep Water Yachts has added a new model to its family of rugged, seaworthy Korvet motor yachts that stretch to 18m (59ft.). Korvets have established themselves as a platform of choice for serious, offshore yachting and ocean crossing. The latest addition – the 26.2ft. Korvet-8 _ will premiere at the 2019 HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show (March 6-10).

The unsinkable Korvet-8 is a Willem Nieland design. A prolific designer, Nieland has a talent to put spaces to good use by banning hallways and corridors. His Korvet-8 design offers buyers 3 smart choices:
–Calm is the very basic version that invites customization (top speed: 35km/18.9 kn.)
–Clean is the hybrid model whose electric propulsion is ideal for exploring city canals and quiet rural areas (top speed: 20km/10.8 kn.), and
–Cool is the version offering extra comfort and power for a top speed of 50km (27kn.) or more.

At only 8m, the newest Korvet can be lashed onto a trailer and driven to waters from the fjords of Scandinacia to the lakes of northern Italy. The boat sleeps 3, has a sheltered cockpit, a forward, covered steering position, a small galley, a wet cell and large windows and transparent roof panels that can open wide.