A nanotechnology-based anti-rust solution

WORMERVEER _ nC Group of Companies develops and markets products that halt corrosion by using nanotechnology _ the science of manipulating atoms and molecules. In normal people talk: nC Marine stops the rusting of steel products without sandblasting or using toxic materials.

Changing the material characteristics extends the life not just of boats and yachts, but also of machines and equipment. nC Marine has member companies in the Netherlands, Germany, India, Greece, Finland, Israel and Singapore.

Rob van Hoorn, nC Surface Technology, says using nanotechnology opens a new generation of coatings “that are part of a smart menu of tools and solutions for surfaces and materials in the yacht-building sector. These are proven, innovative techniques” that extend the life of surfaces and equipment.

nC Marine advocates using nanotechnology in active cleaners, thermal insulation coatings, special marine coatings and oil and lubricants additives.

“Another interesting field is Corrosion Passivation,” says Van Hoorn. “You stop rust with no need for sandblasting or traditional coating. This is fast and cost-effective, and the results last for very long periods of time. A chelate technique _ of atomic or molecular bonding _ lasts at least 5 years.”

By using a corrosion passivation fluid, nano-particles bond with the iron behind the rust. It forms a chemical bond with metal alloys. Corrosion passivating cold alloy paint has a sol-gel base formula. It can be used on new and blasted metal. Or on metal showing rust. The particles bond chemically with the metal surface adding a cold alloy that can only be removed through rupture. nC Nano Corrosion Passivator Paint withstands welding temperatures.

Crucially, anti-corrosion nano-technologies are harmless to humans and nature since they require no toxic materials A corrosion passivator can be applied with brushes, rollers and even by applying the passivator onto a tank wall by emptying and refilling the tank.