Inaugural Flynt 956 Nova

SNEEK – There is a newcomer in the rapidly growing family of extremely fast, very chic powerboats, designed and built in the Netherlands. The 31ft Flynt 956 Nova is the brainchild of Dutch entrepreneur Robert-Jan Sanders with help from the venerable Vripack design and engineering studio.

Robert-Jan Sanders

The Flynt project comes advertised as “the first model in a new line of arresting powerboats that sets the benchmark high.” For Sanders, it caps 17 years of owning a store selling hi-end speedboats of up to €300,000. Last fall, after 2 years of hard labor, Sanders saw his dream become a reality with the inaugural Flynt 956 Nova.

“Characteristic of the boat’s appearance is its elegance and endless, clean lines,” Sanders tells the Tubantia newspaper in his hometown of Hengelo. “I put into it all the love and passion I feel for boats.” The first Flynt 956 Nova’s has been ordered. Customers who have seen and experienced everything in sports boats, recognize we have built something special.”

Sanders remains mum, for now, on the pricing. The Flynt brand joins a growing list of fast, boutique weekenders on the Dutch market. It’ll go toe to toe with such brands as Wajer, Vanquish, Waterdream and Sichterman that appeal to individuals – often owners of large yachts – who prize speed and luxury.

Inaugural Flynt 956 Nova

“Flynt is different because the brand doesn’t compromise on user experience, in aesthetics or performance,” says Joost Mertens, a Vripack designer. “For a 9.56m boat, the Flynt 956 Nova offers the complete package” that includes a “pleasant sunbathing and seating arrangement, a professional and ergonomic well-balanced helm and an elegant interior cabin. It is fully-custom, hand-crafted and made to order with signature finishes.”

Sanders says he has been a “boat fanatic” since his first Zodiac RIB when he was 8. “When I was 18, I bought my first cabin boat. From that moment on, the sport boat business has been in my heart.”

Flynt 956 Nova

He has only three employees but says several specialists are involved in the Flynt project: a glazier, a painter, an interior designer, an upholsterer etc. Sanders flies solo, “with no bank credit and no investors.”

The Flynt 956 Nova is molded from composite polyester for lightweight durability, quality, and longevity. It has a deep-V planing hull, features a luxurious double cabin down below, has a convertible sun lounge area and a large swim platform.

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