A Yule twofer from U-Boat Worx: a Nemo sub and a ROAM support craft

BREDA – Adding more cheer to the Christmas season, U-Boat Worx offers a rare package deal: a Nemo, the company’s smallest and lightest sub that can dive down 100m, and a 24m ROAM Boats support craft for only €6 million.

Nemo sub

U-Boat Worx Marketing Director Roy Heijdra said the deal gives buyers a unique chance to explore reefs, wrecks, and marine life from up close “at a fraction of the price of a superyacht.”

The Nemo can safely dive to a depth of 100m. U-Boat Worx manufactures the sub in series. Measuring 1.55m tall and 2.8m long, it can be lifted onto the aft deck of a 24m ROAM Shadow. The sub’s low profile and compact footprint occupy less space than two jet skis.

The ROAM Shadow is made in lengths of 24 to 27m. Heijdra says it has a crane to lift the Nemo on and off-board. That crane is strong enough to let clients graduate to U-Boat Worx’s three-person Super Yacht Sub 3 later.

Founded in 2006 only, U-Boat Worx has become the world leader in advanced private submarines. It makes half a dozen models for the research, cruising, tourism, explorer, film making and superyacht markets.

Its wide range of models can accommodate up to 11 people and operate at depths of 100 to 3,000 meters.

ROAM Shadow

The Nemo is a two-seater sub. It can be trailered to a shore launch spot. Or from a support craft like the ROAM Shadow, which can do 22kn and has ample storage for RIBs, landing craft, jet skis and a submersible.

With offices in Britain, Monaco and Serbia, ROAM makes a wide range of semi-custom boats from 5.5m to 10m RIBS to 27m Yacht Support Vessels, each adaptable to owners’ specific requirements.

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