De Waterkampioen wordt na ruim 90 jaar opgeheven.

THE HAGUE _ After 92 years, The Royal Dutch Touring Club is closing down its legacy boating magazine De Waterkampioen due to shrinking readership. “Our circulation has dropped too much in relation to our overhead” says Waterkampioen Editor in Chief Arno Beuken. His last issue will be published in April.

The Royal Dutch Touring Club (known by its Dutch acronym ANWB) is a broad-based travel service organization founded in 1883. While it will continue publishing charts, almanacs and other boating accessories, ANWB is shedding the magazine to target larger audiences than boaters, notably recreational walkers, cyclists and campers.

In May, Beuken plans to start a new boating magazine, unburdened by the overhead of a large outfit like ANWB (4.5 million members, 3,500 employees). He says he needs at least 7,000 subscribers. The new magazine _ called Deining (Swell) _ will collaborate with YachtFocus, the Netherlands’ largest used boats platform.