Concept Breathe (2010)

HAARLEM – Few superyacht yards have acquired a greener DNA than Feadship, the Dutch pure-custom builder. In 2010, its Breathe yacht concept screamed the then-radical message that sustainable development reduces costs.

A decade on, Feadship unveils its 110-m Project Escape which can handle a sub and a small private chopper, has a midship atrium with a seawater pool and a panoramic elevator that drops into the sea.

Project Escape’s onboard garden

There is also a garden onboard and a wealth of green innovations, starting with 700 sq. meters (7,535 sq. ft.) of solar panels: i.e. 60% more than an NBA basketball field, an unprecedented surface for a yacht this size. Project Escape has hybrid propulsion, an onboard greenhouse and technology to re-use exhaust air and waste heat.

In all, these technologies save up to 35% of fuel, generate good full-speed maneuverability and silent electric cruising.

Feadship Marketing & Brand Director Farouk Nefzi stresses Escape is NOT a concept. “It’s a project ready to be built today,” he says, adding Escape shows how Feadship leads “the way in showcasing what is truly possible in superyacht design.”

Project Escape’s seawater pool that drops into the ocean

“It (sustainability) is something we are very conscious of,” adds Feadship Director Henk de Vries. “People keep referring to our heritage. That’s a burden and a blessing. But through the years we have developed a feeling of what is timeless and what might fade away.”

To Jan Bart Verkuyl, the CEO of Feadship’s Royal Van Lent yard, “any innovation is potentially risky. It is up to the leaders of the company to embrace and push it and make sure everyone is enthusiastic.”

Escape’s moon pool offers a 360-degree view of the underwater world. There is also a greenhouse for growing herbs and vegetables. The atrium is for entertaining around the moon pool. It doubles as a submarine landing zone.

“This is a very exciting time for Feadship as we continue to push boundaries in superyacht innovation,” says Nefzi.

“Working with world-class designers on this project we have created new, sustainable technology which we hope can be shared across the industry as we continue to build a greener footprint.

Farouk Nefzi

“Whilst there are many remarkable yacht concepts, very few are realistically achievable. We are therefore extremely proud to say that the designs for Escape are actually possible to create, and ready to be built today, offering a first-of-its-kind experience.”