Aira-22: everybody’s type of sailboat

SNEEK _ Never say the Aira 22 is not your type of boat for there are 3 of them, drawn by the Simonis Voogd design studio: the CS (ClubSailer), the DS (DaySailer) and the MR (MatchRacer). The Aira-22 (7.6m.) is meant for sailing with friends and family and can accommodate up to 6 people.

The series starts with the humble Club Sailer that is available _ sailing schools and rental companies pay attention here! _ with a rub rail and a rubber nose. (left) There is a choice of a retractable keel or a fixed one with a lead bulb.

The Aira-22’s modern lines and long waterline make for optimal, sporty sailing. Its inward, appropriately sized jib makes for great close-hauled sailing. And the wide transom is for good downwind sailing. The keel has a lead bulb and profiled rudder.


The Aira 22 DaySailer (right) is unusually comfortable with back cushions, a table and an electric motor that can be raised and lowered in 7 seconds. The Aira-22 MatchRacer is suitable for match or team racing and comes with a gennaker of 25 sq.m. Hiking straps are optional.