AkzoNobel boat being painted at VOR Boatyard

AMSTERDAM _ AkzoNobel, the Dutch multinational paints and performance coatings maker, has begun marketing AwlGrip HDT, a high-tech clearcoat it has tested on the yachts that competed in the grueling 2017-28 Volvo Ocean Race.

AkzoNobel says Awlgrip HDT (high definition technology) is a polyurethane clearcoat that is more durable and abrasion-resistant than anything on the market today. It is also repairable and lower in volatile organic compounds.

“We’re really proud and excited to offer customers the chance to benefit from high performance coatings technology which has been tested in some of the world’s most extreme environments,” says AkzoNobel’s Global Segment Manager Yacht Hans Slegtenhorst. AkzoNobel spent 3 years developing Awlgrip HDT together with the VOR Boatyard team. It is already available in North America and Europe.

Awlgrip HDT clearcoat can be overlaid on Awlcraft SE basecoats which are available in 18,000 colors – the largest selection on the yacht market.

Slegtenhorst says AkzoNobel is working on a single-stage Awlgrip HDT which will combine a color basecoat with the topcoat. “We expect to bring this product to the market in mid-2019,” he adds.

AkzoNobel was the official coatings supplier for the 7 one-design yachts in the 2017-18 VOR. They used up more than 7,000 liters of AkzoNobel’s International and Awlgrip-branded products. Awlgrip has developed high-performance yacht coatings since 1973.