Speedlounger 8500

KORTENHOEF _Alufleet, maker of a broad range of aluminum work boats and open tenders, has added a very edgy sail boat to its portfolio. Its Speedlounger 8500 will be unveiled at 2019 Boot Duesseldorf. It is available in 2 versions: a “real lounger” and a “weekender” with an extended doghouse and interior.

The company calls the 8.5m (28ft.) Speedlounger “a daysailer of a completely different breed.” It says it takes lounging seriously by offering “a completely equipped, huge relaxation cockpit, redefining the word leisure when enjoying a cold white wine and doing 10 knots of boat speed at the same time.”

The speedlounger 8500 comes off the boards of FCY Design and Naval Architecture. It marks a significant departure for Alufleet whose portfolio is dominated by 28 work boat models, custom craft, canal dinghies, tenders and open console boats,

The daysailer is made of ‘seawater-resistant’ aluminum, sports very modern lines, has a hinged swimming platform and weighs only 2150 kilos, including 500 kilos of lead ballast. It has a draft of 1,12 m and comes with a Bellmarine elektromotor.