Aluqa Abalone, a boat that works with you

TWELLO _ “We were determined to make the Aluqa unique and exclusive,” says Karl Haagen. “A boat that stands out for its exceptional design. That works with you when you’re looking for speed.”

Things have worked out well for the Esteq BV director. Three years ago, Haagen’s metal working company launched the aluminum Aluqa Abalone 28 (photo). The 8.5m boat was named 2016 HISWA Boat of the Year. The design is the fruit of Esteq’s collaboration with Triple Marine and Waterline Design naval architects.

With a 220HP Volvo Penta, the Aluqa Abalone achieves a top speed of 38 knots. Because in Monaco they prize speed, the Aluqa Abalone 28 was pressed into service there during the 2018 F1 Grand Prix to shuttle VIPs to superyachts and back.

The Aluqa Abalone comes in 4 lengths: 24, 28, 40 and 48 ft. Elegant and powerful, they offer plenty of space, comfort and solid performance. To raise the yacht’s profile abroad, Haagen has deployed an Aluqa Abalone 28 on the French Mediterranean coast at Antibes.