Anker Stuy Composites unveils greener gelcoat

TERWISPEL – Anker Stuy Composites has developed a gelcoat that the manufacturer calls a breakthrough for the yacht building industry. Its Ankodur High-Gloss gelcoat contains no styrene which makes it climate-neutral.

Marcel Pruis, the company’s Production/R&D Manager, says “we wanted to develop a product that performs better than the current styrene-based gelcoats. We looked closely at UV resistance in both light and dark colors.”

Styrene is a hardening agent used in composite products for cars, aircraft, helmets, boats, wind turbines and many other products. Ankodur High-Gloss, says Pruis, has a good gloss, is water-repellent and does not turn yellowish. “We more than meet DNV specs, but do not yet have a certificate,” he adds.

Ankodur comes in four gelcoat types – Titan, Ceramic, High Gloss and Fire Retardant.  It costs more than rival gelcoats, but the gap is closing, says Pruis. “If we find enough sales, the price will, of course, drop.” Anker Stuy Composites can supply Ankodur in all RAL colors, the European color matching system that defines colors for paint, coatings and plastics.

Anker Stuy, best known for making paints for the woodworking industry, sees it sees Ankodur opening other markets. The company started out in 1898 by making printing ink and paints.