Linssen Yachts - photo Rens Groenendijk

MAASBRACHT – In its 70th year, Linssen Yachts is a spectacularly successful outlier in Dutch yacht building.

Rivals may turn out ever faster, ever slicker models, Linssen sticks to slow, serial-built displacement motor yachts that scream Linssen from a mile away. Call its yachts uneventful, conservative or predictable and CEO Yvonne Linssen will take that as a compliment.

“There is a Linssen DNA and we nurture it,” she tells this newsletter. Over the years, Linssens have evolved very gradually to remain recognizably Linssen, she adds. “That’s what suits us and our clients. Going fast is not us. We feel comfortable in the displacement sector and intend to stay the best and the biggest in that segment. So many lakes and rivers are suited for displacement yachts.”

Linssen Yachts may not take your breath away, it delivers great customer satisfaction. Nowhere is that more evident than in its Variotop – a patented, electric-powered hood that creates an airtight, inside-outside flybridge steering position.

The sun’s out? Push a button and the hood disappears into an aluminum bracket. Is that a low bridge ahead? Push a button and that beam-wide bracket folds back to lower the yacht’s air draft.

Linssen Yachts turns 70 this year. It has made 3,500 motor yachts to date. These days, it makes 70 yachts a year in production halls where Linssen Yachts, in varying stages of construction, are moved about on a patented conveyor system. Germany is Linssen Yachts’ largest market (40% of sales).

This year, Linssen Yachts is filling out its Variotop-equipped Grand Sturdy series (€198,000 to €1.18 million) with a 48ft (14.6m) aft cabin yacht. Linssen’s flagship is a 50ft (15.2m) cruiser.

Yvonne Linssen does not shun every adventure. This year, her yard is also returning to the United States (where it sold 2 yachts recently) and is working on an all-electric yacht for the rental market to be completed by 2022. Linssen markets yachts for rental companies in 10 European nations turning the charter market an incubator of future sales.

Linssen Yachts interiors are computer-made, in-house. The yard has multi-annual contracts with suppliers like Webasto which makes sliding hatches, window blinds and custom climate control systems that can regulate the temperature per cabin.