At WhisperPower, green products, remote access drive strong growth

DRACHTEN – If the COVID years were a bump in the road, WhisperPower, the Dutch developer and maker of (hybrid) energy and propulsion systems, nary felt a thing.

In fact, the COVID years were kind to WhisperPower, helping it post 40% growth in 2021 and setting up 2022 as another boom year. WhisperPower is active in 40 nations and has significantly invested in high-tech to be ready for hydrogen fuel cells.


It boasts three pillars: OctoPower low-emission systems, compact and silent diesel generators to 50 kVA and a product range brimming with parts for high-quality electric systems. Its digitalization led to the intelligent WhisperCare 2.0 monitoring and control software that works remotely if a 4G network or internet is available. Remote monitoring and diagnostics are key growth drivers for the company.

WhisperPower founder and CEO Roel ter Heide says WhisperCare generates substantial savings for owners and operators.

Roel ter Heide

“It took us 10 years to get here,” he tells this newsletter. “It takes time to develop a solid product portfolio and build a global distribution network. In the past two years, WhisperPower optimized its battery storage systems based on lithium technology, including fast-charge devices, high-power inverters and super-quiet backup generators.”

WhisperPower makes hybrid power systems using Genverter diesel generators as backup and WhisperPower inverters as the primary power source.

Branded as OctoPower, they range from 3kW-14kW inverter power (and higher for superyachts) and target boat owners who want quiet, emission-free boating. In OctoPower, WhisperPower sees an essential step toward 100% emission-free energy systems by developing and deploying renewable energy storage systems and intelligent power electronics with low to zero-emission generators. The latter now run on diesel but soon on hydrogen fuel cells.

To spur global growth, WhisperPower has found partners in Scandinavia (KGK Knutsson Group) and France. Its Spanish sales office supports operations in southern Europe.

WhisperPower UK Ltd. has grown into a service/sales support office, with AllBoats Services and EP Barrus as importers. The company has founded WhisperPower North America Inc. to strengthen the dealer network in the USA and Canada.

The company says it increasingly sees yacht builders embracing WhisperPower, and not just in the Netherlands. Premier brands like Nautor’s Swan, Axopar/Brabus, XO, Marex, Solaris Yachts, and Princess Yachts are installing low-emission generators or zero-emission OctoPower systems.

For Princess Yachts’ 25m X80, WhisperPower designed a hybrid system to power the air conditioning systems from the inverters and the 150 kWh Lithium battery system. The Sleipner stabilization system is powered by the same system ’at anchor,’ without generators.

WhisperPower at a glance:

OctoPower: Integrated solution for onboard power onboard with plug-and-play installations from 3-50 kVA (AC and DC). A battery buffer with an inverter that provides 230 V (380 VAC) when the generator is off. The Lithium ION (LiFePO4) battery buffer is rechargeable from several sources: shore and solar, onboard DC alternators, the WhisperPower generator.

History: WhisperPower BV was split from Mastervolt International Holding in 2007. In 2010 WhisperPower assumed global distribution of generators and spare parts. Existing generators were redesigned. New, energy-frugal, variable-speed drives were developed.

Also, a small comfort: The WP Sinus 12/2000 inverter connected to the 12V main battery provides 230 Volt from the wall outlet. Plug in a coffee machine. The socket can also be used to charge bikes, phones, tablets or laptops.

Sustainable: WhisperPower’s home is a sustainable 5,500 sq.m. (59,201 sq. ft) site in the Dutch city of Drachten. Rooftop solar panels and a self-sufficient energy recovery system handle heating and cooling. The system is coupled with a 250kW heat pump system. Energy from the testing of generators and power electronics is reused.