Awlfair SF ‘true step-change’ for Dutch paints, coatings multinational

AMSTERDAM – The 2019 METSTRADE show was a marquee event for AkzoNobel. The Dutch paints and coatings multinational unveiled its Awlfair SF (Spray Filler) for yachts there, calling it a ‘true step change.’


The high-performance filler is applied by pressurized, airless spray, rather than by hand. This allows for wet-on-wet application so 2 coats per day can be applied with no need for sanding in-between.

Dutch superyacht builder Moonen Yachts was the first to use Awlfair SF on a 36m vessel. CEO Johan Dubbelman sounded pleased as Punch.

“Awlfair SF shortens the application time and delivers a high-quality system,” he said. “We are constantly looking to optimize and innovate products and processes.”

Awlfair SF is applied by an airless spray that mixes and heats 2 components of putty. At a rate of 5 liters per minute, the putty can be accurately applied. An application requires 2 people: a sprayer and a spray machine operator. Spraying on Awlfair SF reduces the risk of air pockets which avoids the traditional manual repainting.

Bilal Salahuddin, Managing Director of Yacht Coatings at AkzoNobel, says the Awlfair SF application marks “a real process change in the coating and yacht industry. It offers opportunities to improve productivity and performance for our customers. This is a true step-change in the coatings industry.”

He added that for more than 45 years, the Awlgrip brand “has held a reputation of universal trust and respect in the yachting world.”

The brand also brings to the market Awlfair FL (Flex Light), a solvent-free, lightweight profiling filler that can withstand high levels of stress and strain from the increasing size and design complexity of superyachts.

Awlgrip HDT (High Definition Technology) is a high-performance, high-gloss polyurethane topcoat that provides durability, repairability and true color, in addition to its application benefits.

Also, on show at the 2019 Metstrade was AkzoNobel’s International yacht coating brands – Perfection Pro Undercoat and Perfection Pro Varnish. These complete the Perfection Pro range, which offers professionals the ultimate easy-to-apply brush and roller scheme.      (Photos: Rens Groenendijk)