Awlgrip brand celebrates 50 years, launches new products

AMSTERDAM – AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary by introducing Awlcraft 3000, a top coat with improved color technology that delivers more natural and deeper colors.

It uses the same toner system as Awlgrip HDT, reducing complexity for Awlgrip distributors.The system is designed for professional use and linked to AkzoNobel’s suite of digital color-matching tools. Sharing the next-generation color platform with Awlgrip HDT offers deeper, truer and more consistent color performance while retaining the long-lasting, high-gloss finish of predecessor Awlcraft 2000.

Awlcraft 3000 Clear Coat comes with a range of ready-to-use popular colors: Snow White, Flag Blue and Extreme Black. The Awlcraft 3000 package will include a full range of colors, one clear coat and one binder base (available later in 2023). Awlcraft 3000 will continue to use Awlcat #2 converter and Awlgrip reducers.

Initially conceived in 1973 as ‘Allgrip,’ the name was accidentally transcribed as ‘Awlgrip.’ However, that spelling stuck and the product became a global brand. Today, Awlgrip’s industry-leading products provide a wide range of colors and effects combined with high gloss and proven durability.

AkzoNobel says its Awlgrip brand “proudly operates at a high level of sustainability and innovation. Safety and environmental impact are key considerations in developing every product in the Awlgrip range, from raw materials to disposal and recycling.”