Blue Innovation Dock premiers at 2023 Boot Düsseldorf

BRUSSELS – The 2023 Düsseldorf (Jan. 21-29) will feature a Blue Innovation Dock, a sustainability forum jointly staged by show organizers and the Brussels-based European Boating Industry trade lobby.

The new Hall 10 event reflects the importance of sustainability in the boating industry and gives knowledge transfer and innovation a big leg up.

Philip Easthill

“With the Blue Innovation Dock,” says EBI Secretary General Philip Easthill, “we give sustainability, alternative fuels, circular economy, alternative boat building materials and non-governmental organizations a forum to discuss the industry’s transformation.”

The 2023 Boot Düsseldorf Blue Innovation Dock presentations address urgent questions and issues affecting the boating sector’s future. The program looks like this:

  • Saturday, Jan. 21: a dialogue between politics and the industry.
  • Sunday, Jan. 22: sustainable propulsion challenges for decision-makers and industry.
  • Monday, Jan. 23: International start-ups, investments and innovative developments.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 24: Fuels of the future
  • Wednesday, Jan. 25: Sustainable materials for a thriving circular economy.
  • Thursday, Jan. 26: sustainable tourism, water sports.
  • Friday, Jan. 27: Technical innovations for more sustainability.
  • Saturday, Jan. 28: NGOs present themselves and enter a dialogue with the industry.
  • Sunday, Jan. 28: Marine activists and boating enthusiasts answer questions from the public.

All visitors to Boot Düsseldorf 2023 are welcome to the Blue Innovation Dock and participate. All panels will be streamed on