Boarncruiser 1440 Elegance

JIRNSUM – “The market is asking for ever more specialized yachts,” says Boarnstream International Marine Group CEO Wies Hokwerda. And she works a tough market. And as one of 24 or so Dutch yards building classy, semi-custom steel yachts to 30m, Boarnstream competes for customers across Europe.

Founded in 1964 as a builder of wooden sailboats, the yard has by now built 1,100 steel cruisers across 4 ranges _ 85% of have been sold abroad.

Half-open Canopeasy

At Boot Duesseldorf (Jan. 19-27), Boarnstream will show how its knack for engineering satisfies market demand for innovation. “We spent much time on engineering,” says Hokwerda. At Düsseldorf, she will display the new Boarncruiser 1280 Elegance, equipped with a neat Canopeasy-system that wraps around the aft deck cockpit protecting it from inclement weather. When not in use, it is pushed away and stored, out of sight, in the wings of the superstructure. No more struggling with rods, zippers and buttons!

The Canopeasy increases onboard comfort, turning the Boarncruiser 1280 Elegance’s saloon and aft cockpit into one open living space. There is a saloon corner galley, a helm seat at starboard and a 2-person navigation seat at port side. Down below: 2 bedrooms, a large bathroom with separate shower and a built-in washing machine/dryer combination.
In June 2019, Boarnstream will premier the Boarncruiser 1440 Elegance CS, that comes advertised as “the smallest Center Sleeper in the world.” It will also have a Canopeasy-system. The Center sleeper is located at the hull’s widest point.

Boarncruiser Elegance 1440 Center Sleeper

“The boat will have 2, full-headroom decks,” says Hokwerda. “No low-ceiling cabins. The great advantage of a center sleeper is the location of the owner’s cabin which is at the widest part of the boat.” This means: a spacious French bed, large wardrobes and/or linen cupboards, a lounge area, a large bathroom with a shower and 2 sinks.

Boarnstream offers the center sleeper on its yachts from 14 to 18m. “We think a great majority of our customers will opt for the Canopeasy system,” says Boarnstream Sales Manager Eric Huis in ‘t Veld. “Even though the Boarncruiser 1440 Elegance CS has 2 decks, the yacht can still be taken down the canals of France with their low bridges.”

Boarnstream yachts come with 15 or so options such as a sliding electric roof, twin engines or Dynamic Marine Systems’ electrically powered Rotor 2,0 system of low speed stabilizers for yachts up to 30m.