Boarnstream’s new Traveller series broadens yard’s portfolio

JIRNSUM – One of 2 dozen Dutch yards building semi-custom steel yachts to 30m, Boarnstream International Motoryachts has a long history of taking on rivals with edgy series of motor yachts. And 2020 is no exception.

Next year, Boarnstream will launch its new Traveller series. First out of the gate, CEO Wies Hokwerda tells DutchYachtBuilding, will be 2 sedans and a CenterSleeper: the Tr43, Tr46 and Tr49.

Boarnstream Traveller 46

“Travellers are semi-custom yachts that respond to the demand in the market for flybridges,” says Hokwerda.

“Each has what we call a ‘Fly-deck’ and a split-level saloon deck that creates a multifunctional living and dining area. The entire yacht has full headroom and 2 or 3 separate bedrooms. The Tre49 even has a Center Sleeper. It is extremely rare to see a c enter-sleeper yacht of only 49ft.”

To tame the height of the Travellers, Boarnstream has created a ‘sunken’ Fly-deck enabling the yachts to clear under bridges. “That sunken Fly-deck is a daring concept and will undoubtedly appeal to many enthusiasts,” says Hokwerda.

Boarnstream Traveller 43

The Hokwerda family founded the Boarnstream yard in 1964 and has to date built some 1,100 steel cruisers across 4 ranges. “We market our boats across northern Europe,” says Hokwerda. “Mostly Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.”
Hokwerda sells 15 new yachts a year. She markets the retro, elegance and classic series.

“We are constantly developing our yachts,” she adds. “We see a lot of copying around us, but we focus on innovating and engineering.”

The latter is in evidence on yard’s new Elegance 1280, launched this year. It sported an innovative, wrap-around aft deck Canopeasy-system that — when not in use – slides invisibly into the superstructure without doing any fingers and nails.

The Travellers’ Flydeck is a roomy affair with 2 captain’s positions, a fixed deck table, an aluminum, fold-away nav mast and, in option, a wet bar. The Canopeasy is also an option.