Marin test tank

WAGENINGEN _ At first sight it doesn’t look like much.Grown-ups gaping at jerry-rigged model sailboats, driven by cooling fans, tearing around a shallow indoor pool. But the annual boat design contest at the Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands is a lot of work. A place for future marine engineers and designers to strut their stuff.

The 2018 edition was a contest for 13 teams of students from Delft University of Technology and Rotterdam Mainport Institute. The former’s ‘Chit-Chat’ team took top honors. Its design (above) of a large sail plan of 3 wing sails was fastest, especially on broad reaches. And its wing sails on an aero-rig made it very maneuverable when close-hauled.

MARIN’s innovation award went to the Delft university’s Team 2 (right). Its double aero-rig create a vast sail surface. Its active weight stabilization system was not unique, but more sensibly used than rival teams, said the jury.

Racing on 2 courses, the boats are judged on speed, maneuverability and innovation. Every year the rules are changed to prevent copying. The boats were judged on speed, maneuverability and innovation.

MARIN is a premier actor in the world for hydrodynamic research and maritime technology. It offers a unique combination of simulation, model testing, full-scale measurements and training programs to the global shipbuilding and offshore industry. MARIN also has a unit that focuses on the special needs of the superyacht sector