Cor D. Rover’s unerring eye for beauty and function

NIEUWPOORT – His eye for esthetics and range of work are peerless. His designs _ of superyachts and smaller _ all bear his footprint. After 12 years as someone else’s draftsman, Cor D. Rover, 54, launched his design office in 1997. Two years on he won 2 orders at Monaco: for a 40m yacht and for the conversion of a 120m icebreaker.

He does serial and custom designs. “The latter is easier,” he says. “You have a single client. Production yachts must appeal to different markets. By now, Rover works on all continents. He strives for functional designs and is guided by safety, lounging and well-being. Just check out his varied portfolio.

His Jetten Beach-45 (left) design won the 2017 Powerboat of the Year award. His 15m Zeelander Z55 borrows from New England lobster boats. The Benetti 63 Seasence (topmost photo), launched at Monaco in 2017, was drawn for the yard’s 140th anniversary in 2013. “I drew a 50m yacht,” says Rover. “Lots of outdoor space. Masculine lines. Almost like a navy boat, a ‘fun frigate’ with a plumb bow! Of all the anniversary book designs, mine was elected for build. For a US client who wanted it bigger. So, we ended up at 67m.”

For the Taiwan-built FD85, Rover opted for space: 5 staterooms and an owner’s cabin on the main deck, a large aft deck and a flybridge. “You can tell Americans what you like. Or you can optimize their wish list. We did the latter,” says Rover. The FD85 was launched at Fort Lauderdale in 2017. By early 2018, 8 had been built.

He broke new ground with Van der Valk Shipyard’s 19m Beach 600 Club (right) putting the engine under the transom swimming platform. The 360-degree saloon and the owner’s cabin moved up front.

Rover has developed Concept Yachting 3.0. It stresses pure enjoyment of a boat and the sea without amenities such as a dishwasher or sleeping accommodations. The 28ft. Cor D. Rover (below) is a very high-end tender with matching luggage bearing the designer’s logo. Although it has berths, De Rover designed it for relaxing in comfort at your favorite waterside hotel. In the morning, you awake, shower, have breakfast and leave the hotel with your bespoke luggage for another hotel. “It’s a world without compromises allowing you to relish being on the water in style, eat in your favorite restaurants and sleep comfortably in hotels,” says Rover.

The luxury tender reflects his future thinking. “I see too little market growth,” says Rover. “In fact, that’s the biggest concern in the European superyacht sector right now. We must resolve that. For instance, by launching new concepts as we did with the tender. Or stimulating rental and timeshare. Perhaps the solution lies in transporting boats to ideal boating waters.” Rover sees ample opportunities for the Dutch yachtbuilding market provided it connects more with foreign markets.

Corporate Snapshot
Cor D. Rover is a reputed Dutch design studio with a background in naval architecture and mechanical engineering. The studio focuses on interior and exterior designs of small and superyachts. Its Concept Yachting 3.0 strives to create the pure enjoyment of a high-end tender visiting luxury waterside hotels.
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