DEN HELDER – The 76m clipper “Stad Amsterdam” has arrived in this northern Dutch naval port for a refit at Damen Shipyards before undertaking a circumnavigation as an ambassador promoting the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

The “green refit” will last 5 months and cover works that will increase the clipper’s efficiency and sustainability.

The main engines and diesel generators will be replaced by more efficient equipment. The wastewater system will be replaced by a system that filters dirty water making it clean and safe.

The clipper begins its circumnavigation on the last day of Sail 2020 in Amsterdam and will end in New York.

The 2015-2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals have been adopted by all UN members as a clarion call to promote prosperity while protecting the environment. They target poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

Stad Amsterdam will make 17 stops, using each to focus on one of the 17 SDG goals. The clipper is expected to reach out to 500 million people with the message of sustainable development goals.

Stad Amsterdam was completed by Damen in 2000. She combines the best building methods from the past with those of today.

The vessel is 76 meters long and its 31 sails span 2,200 sq. meters. The interior contains 14 luxury cabins, a spacious dining room and an al fresco bar. She sails under the Dutch flag for business events, luxury cruises and adventurous sailing trips.