Impressie van de 66 voets Doggersbank. Illustratie Vripack.

RAAMSDONKSVEER –  Altena Yachting is building a no-nonsense, long-range motor yacht that has quietly become a craft for all ages. The 20m Dogger Bank 66 Offshore is a rugged vessel that Vripack founder Dick Boon designed way, way back in the 1970s.

When it is delivered in 2021, the steel-hulled yacht will underscore the enduring power of its design. In an era when boats are getting bigger and bigger (and the choice of boats is getting bigger and bigger), the staying power of the Dogger Bank 66 Offshore is quite remarkable.

In the past 40 years, more than 700 Dogger Banks have been built. They are named for the vast North Sea shoal (160 x 60 miles) east of England.

It is only right that Altena Yachting is building the latest. The yard has a rock-solid reputation for manufacturing trawler-type yachts.

The Dogger Bank 66 Offshore, says the Vripack news release, is for “a northern European family of hands-on sailors looking  for a way to smoothly transition from mast to motor.” Bart Bouwhuis, Vripack co-creative director, calls the yacht a “Swiss Army knife: Solid, rigid, highly-engineered and ready to perform in any condition.”

Dogger Banks range from 10 to 30m. At 20m, the edition now taking shape in an Altena Yachting build hall is manageable for an owner-operated boat whose children are deckhands.

A Dogger Bank 66 built in 2002

“The family has owned numerous Vripack-designed commercial boats in the past in the North and Baltic Seas,” says Bouwhuis. Vripack’s Dogger Bank’s Offshore series is known for its high bow, heavy-duty use, low emissions and long-lasting equipment.

Vripack is a yacht design studio with extensive naval architecture and engineering experience. Founded in 1961, its portfolio by now spans 7,400 designs.