Boarncruiser Traveller-46

JIRNSUM – About 6 years ago, around the time it marked its 50th anniversary, Shipyard De Boarnstream began a new model line. The Boarncruiser Elegance was a comfortable, plumb-bowed yacht with glued hull windows, a large wheelhouse and saloon under a vaulted roof.

“The Elegance line had to appeal to a new, younger target group,” remembers owner Wies Hokwerda today. Well, that worked like a dream. To date, the yard has built 52.

“But a shipyard must keep moving,” says Hokwerda, who has overseen several iterations of the Elegance. Now it’s time for something new. Ignoring the COVID-19 nastiness, she launched a new 14m flagship: the 46ft. Traveller that she hails as “a perfect combination of proven technology, innovation and design.”

Boarncruiser-37 Lounge

At the same time, the Elegance line was given an 11.3m Lounge, a 37ft. convertible vessel with a large open cockpit. Hokwerda: “There’s a lot of emphasis on ‘outdoors’ and that’s the right choice. We know that because the first Lounge has already been sold and will be launched in 2021. Also new: an aft cabin Elegance. Two more models are in the works, but Hokwerda stays mum on them.

The Traveller 46 has an eye-catching “sunken fly-deck” so the yacht can clear many European inland bridges. It also gives the craft a well-proportioned look – as in not top-heavy! – and adds onboard living space.

Boarncruiser Traveller-46 interior

The split-level saloon has a generous port side galley across from a large starboard bench. The saloon’s front section has a dining area and steering position. Down below are 2 cabins and, under the foredeck, an owner’s cabin with a full bathroom.

The “always keep moving” strategy has already triggered the sale of a 2nd Traveller-46, purely on the strength of a drawing.

In 2019, the Boarnstream yard significantly increased its capacity. “We added 2,500 sq. m (27,000 square feet) of insulated halls with heated floors” to build new yachts and also do refits, says Hokwerda. In 2020, business was subdued because of COVID-19. “Our production continued but the delivery of a few boats was delayed,” says Hokwerda. “Business picked up a bit later in the year. Our marina is now 90% occupied.”

Hokwerda plans to build a line of Travellers, that will also include 43ft and 49ft. versions (13.1m and 14.3m).  She adds: “The Traveller came about from client feedback, but above all from a gut feeling we felt. We wanted a flybridge, 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms.”