DIY fluid dynamics – CFD online: A Van Oossanen aid for naval architects

WAGENINGEN, September 2017 ~ Van Oossanen Naval Architects has begun offering an online service to analyze a vessel’s hull performance using Computational Fluid Dynamics software.

Van Oossanen says virtual CFD results are as accurate as those from traditional tank tests. “By sharing our optimized, high-quality software with a broad audience of naval architects and shipbuilders, we aim to stimulate efficiency in ship designs as well as in the design process,” says Van Oossanen Managing Director Niels Moerke.

Van Oossanen’s site analyzes the hydrodynamic performance of a vessel using CFD. This renders insights in design improvements to reach better fuel economy and increased performance. “With our web shop we make these simulations available to a very broad audience,” he adds. “We continually validate, tune and develop the CFD code to guarantee exceptionally high quality and trustworthy results.”

All a user requires is basic ship data, a geometry that can be uploaded and the high-quality validated software. Reports can be cloud-stored. At the outset, the system is only capable of bare hull analysis. Other types of analysis are in the development stage. An online analysis of a ship’s resistance is €900, excl. VAT. Van Oossanen has a special rate for students.< |