Patrick Noor - DMS Holland - photo Rens Groenendijk

KERKDRIEL – Dynamic Marine Systems Holland’s name as a maker of boat stabilizers is noteworthy for a company not even a decade old. Since its 2013 launch, DMS has outfitted more than 350 motor yachts with its MagnusMaster stabilizer, and its portfolio of sway damping systems keeps growing.

DMS was launched by Arnold van Aken, the company’s technical wizard, and Patrick Noor, its sales and marketing chief. The company has developed and marketed innovations and new stabilizers, starting with the DMS AntiRoll, an electrically driven yaw damping system that apes the motion of a whale fin.

DMS'patented AntiRoll
DMS’patented AntiRoll

“A technical tour de force for the challenging superyacht market, the AntiRoll was patented and ready for production in 2018, but DMS has held off marketing the device. It took five years for the system to work perfectly,” says Noor.

“We are talking with several companies. The AntiRoll will be produced under license for the large yachts market.”

DMS feels more at home in the market to 30 meters. For that segment, it launched in 2016 the DMS MagnusMaster, a stabilization system based on the physical Magnus effect. “It is very suitable for slow-moving boats under 30m. We sell this system all over the world,” says Noor.

DMS' MagnusMaster
DMS’ MagnusMaster

The electrically powered DMS MagnusMaster can be retrofitted on existing ships. The Magnus Effect, named for a German scientist who discovered it, is created by rapidly alternating port and starboard cylinders. Their spinning generates upward or downward pressure to provide sway damping. At rest, the cylinders lie in the boat’s longitudinal direction. When activated, they fold outward.

DMS’ strategy is to make the best stabilization for every boat, regardless of size or speed. No other company in the world does that. “There are advantages and disadvantages to every product, but if you have all the systems in your portfolio, you can choose the best solution,” says Noor.

In late 2018, DMS introduced the DMS Universal, a system for existing – and aging – fin stabilizers. The DMS Universal is a modern digital control system equipped with a CAN bus system, a color’ touch screen’ and a controller equipped with advanced stabilization algorithms.

“Suppliers of old brand fin systems no longer service these when the system breaks down,” says Noor. “We can make those old fin systems stabilize reasonably well when they are stationary, zero speed, which was never possible before.”

Recently, the 47m. Attina that Heesen Yachts-built in 2008 was fitted with the DMS Universal in Turkey.

In 2021, DMS began distributing the Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG), a gyroscopic stabilizer developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Britain and Scandinavia. The system provides zero-speed stabilization on fast and slow vessels and is suitable for all hull shapes.

The ARG is a passive system requiring no maintenance, only an annual inspection. “Compared to rival stabilizers, the ARG is less complex and less prone to malfunctioning,” says Noor. “It works without vacuum, requires no cooling, is easy to install and cheaper than its competitors.”

In March 2018, DMS Holland began developing the DMS AntiRoll All-In-One for fast motor yachts. DMS has installed a prototype on the 16m Ferretti 53 Fly. It also works when the vessel is stationary and has a trim function. Noor expects the system to be marketed in 2023.

“This is a huge market, and there appears to be great interest, even abroad,” says Noor. “The All-in-One tackles all stability problems.”