AMSTERDAM _ Dynamic Marine Systems, the Dutch yacht stabilizing specialist, will launch the next evolution of its Anti-Roll fin system at the 2018 METSTRADE: The AntiRoll All-in-One tames a boat’s motions at any speed or when lying idle.

The All-in-One system targets fast-planing yachts up to 30m.

The first  goes on a 15m (49ft) Elling E4 yacht. “The unique thing about this system is that it works when a boat is idle, or sails slowly or fast,” says Elling Yachting Director Anton Van den Bos. It can be installed on new and existing yachts. “It is an electric system. No hydraulics!,” says Van den Bos.

At the METSTRADE show, the transom-mounted Anti-Roll All-In-One system is nominated for an Dame Design Award.

DMS tells this newsletter the All-in-One system will be competitively priced and outperform rivals. “We offer more possibilities in a single system,” says Patrick Noor, DMS Holland Sales and Marketing Manager. “What’s more, the All-In-One can be used as a trimtab.”

Founded 5 years ago, DMS markets stabilizers for consumer and superyachts. It sells the electric, rotary roll-damping MagnusMaster for slow-speed boats, a dual-axis Anti-Roll fin system for planing craft and, now, the AntiRoll All-in-One fin stabilizer.

A key issue in boat stabilizing has long been that no single system could handle motion damping at various speeds as well as at anchor. “Our all-in-One combines all modes,” says Noor.

To date, DMS has sold 125 stabilizing systems and has an order book of 159. This year, DMS Holland appointed a managing director for the German market. Heading DMS are Noor and Arnold van Aken. Both have a technical background.

Their MagnusMaster stabilizers go on yachts up to 30m and doing between 3 and 12 knots. Their patented AntiRoll, the dual-axis stabilizer for superyachts, is the basis for the AntiRoll All-in-One. When the yacht is stationary, the fins make a flapping motion. At cruising speed, they rotate but their ‘high aspect’ shape generate far less resistance than traditional fins. What is new is that the addition of high-speed stabilization makes the All-in-One truly multifunctional. At high speeds, the fins fully retract behind the transom. From there, the fins can both trim and dampen the rolling and swaying of the yacht.