Dutch 1100

LEEUWARDEN – The Dutch take classic yachts seriously and none more so than Siger Bos of Dutch Classic Boat Design & Engineering. He makes, repairs and refits very traditional, very sturdy, very lovely craft. Like the 11m motor yacht Bos has built for himself.

Bos wanted an easy-to-handle craft with an efficient bottom, a 2.5m (8.2ft) crawl space and ample onboard comforts. His Dutch 1100 is a plumb-bowed steel yacht with portholes, generous, straight-up windows, a roomy s cockpit and gangways.

Dutch 1100 side view

The space below deck sleeps 4 and has a port-side head and shower. The wheelhouse-saloon area has a galley, a dining area and the wheel station. Wide-opening doors lead to the cockpit.

A 65HP engine gives the Dutch-1100 a speed of 16kms (10mi/hr.). Then yacht was designed for shallow offshore waters where it can sit out a low tide on a shoal. The Dutch 1100 was built by Matez Shipbuilding. It is available up to 15m long, or even longer, and is marketed by Aquanaut Yachting