Dutch brokers name DMS Holland ‘knowledge source.’

DÜSSELDORF – The Dutch certified ship brokers association has named stabilization specialist Dynamic Marine Systems as its reference source for stabilization-related issues in yacht building.

The association, known by its Dutch acronym NBMS, “has put us in what they call their ‘knowledge carousel’,’’ Patrick Noor, head of sales and marketing at DMS Holland, told this newsletter at the 2020 Boot Duesseldorf.

“Of course, we are very honored by that. The association members have to stay up to date on developments and innovations in yacht building, including stabilization of yachts.”

NBMS members handle buying and selling of pleasure and commercial craft. DMS Holland markets the MagnusMaster and AntiRoll systems for displacement and fast planning yachts to 30m respectively and the DMS Universal system that upgrades older fin systems.