Dutch, Russian yards in sailing yachts venture

ENKHUIZEN – VMG Yachtbuilders and Spain-based Morozov Yachts have launched a partnership to jointly build and market modern and classical semi-custom and custom sailing yachts. VMG makes Puffin and Agile yachts (42 to 82ft). Morozov is the company behind the performance Soler pilothouse cruiser and the pilothouse M-series (38 -60 ft.).

VMG will be the exclusive builder of Morozov yachts in aluminum or composite materials. And Morozov Yachts will market VMG’s latest high-performance Agile cruisers designed by Simonis Voogd Design.

The joint venture was announced shortly after VMG launched its first full-carbon Agile-42. The 12.2m yacht’s overall length stretches to 16.5m, including an extendable bowsprit. In a test ride, Zeilen magazine said the yacht reached top speeds of up to 18 knots. It called the craft a touring yacht-and-racer.
VMG Director Tim Daal says his company will build more, all semi-custom. A 62-footer is on the boards and 82-footer. Daal calls Agile Yachts “our semi-custom line of full carbon, high performance cruisers. In short: a thoroughbred racing machine with sufficient and stylish comfort for cruising with family and friends.

Agile yachts are all designed by Simonis/Voogd Design and hand-built in carbon using the latest in yacht-building techniques like CNC-milling and vacuum-injection. www.vmgyachtbuilders.nl