Project Skyfall

MONACO – The superyacht industry is returning to the boom years of the early 2000s. Globally, orders for large yachts are nearing the 100 mark, according to industry data.

Heesen Yachts CEO Arthur Brouwer

“It’s a trend we are confident should last for some time,” says Heesen Yachts CEO Arthur Brouwer. He gave a sanguine update of the state of the superyacht sector at the  2021 Monaco Yacht Show, mixing in some Heesen facts:

  • The global economy may post a growth rate of up to 6% in 2021. The number of billionaires worldwide rose to 2,755, up 32%. The tech sector alone added 99 billionaires.
  • By August, global sales of superyachts stood at 48. “The superyacht market is back to the dynamic of the early 2000s. This is not just post-pandemic euphoria, and it is a trend we are confident should last for some time.”
  • Like many Dutch builders, Heesen builds yachts on speculation, i.e., it starts building a yacht with no buyer in sight but counting on one knocking on the door soon. Heesen argues that may sound risky, but it “is ideal for those clients who are cash-rich and time-poor.” They have the money and want a yacht fast.
  • In the past 18 months, Heesen sold 9 yachts and delivered 6. “We recently joined the hull and superstructure of the 60m Project SkyFall, the most powerful Heesen ever built. We are completing the 60m Project Falcon, and in November, we’ll launch the mighty 80m Project Cosmos.”

Additionally, Mark Cavendish and Friso Visser, Heesen Yachts’ sales director and chief commercial officer, respectively, gave this update, saying Heesen Yachts:

  • is strengthening its position in the Middle East and the Americas. Brokers handle 70% of its sales.
  • launched a new branding strategy to show a “more agile, bolder and sportier” brand.
  • sees “demand for bigger and bolder yachts, growing demand for fast-delivery of yachts and a stronger focus on sustainability,” and
  • sees “a drive toward more sustainable technology: more fuel efficiency. Heesen focuses on hull efficiency, hybrid propulsion solutions, improved power management. “We are also directing our attention to hydrogen propulsion.”