HARDINXVELD-GIESSENDAM – Deep Water Yachts is building an aluminum   Korvet14CLR that will be the first motor yacht in the Netherlands insulated with SpreFix, a Swedish spray-on product that fights fire, noise, heat, cold and condensation.

“We continue to innovate and make improvements in construction and in the use of materials,” says Deep Water Yachts owner Peter Bost.

“But one aspect we were not yet happy with was the hull’s thermal insulation. Having worked with glass and rock wool panels and polyurethane foam, we came across SpreFix through its importer Verotek.”

Initially a French invention, Ovacon AB of Trosa, Sweden, now has the rights to SpreFix (known as SprayTec in the Nordic nations), a spray-on glass or rock wool and a water-based binding agent. It is commonly used on large commercial vessels, airport halls, offices, warehouses, schools, restaurants, arenas, oil rigs and parking garage ceilings.

It gets into hard-to-reach areas, providing better protection than conventional applications.

“No toxic fumes or solvents are released during the application,” says Bost. “The material is pressed on to achieve a seamless bond with the substrate without creating thermal bridges, air pockets or gaps. It is a lightweight product with excellent thermal insulation. SpreFix also bans noise.”

Bost adds that applying SpreFix is also less time-consuming than installing panels but needs to be applied by trained staff. Bost uses the Dutch marine insulation specialist Lethe Nieuwburg.


“For Lethe Nieuwburg, the application of SpreFix on the 15m (49ft) Korvet was a test case through which we gained experience in processing and applying the material,” says Arie van Leeuwen of Lethe Nieuwburg.

“This product combines the advantages of spray insulation with the benefits of using glass and rock wool, such as non-combustible insulation and seamless application.”  SpreFix is IMO-certified as non-combustible by the DNV classification society.