Dutchman opens private brokerage site for yachts, commercial craft

AMSTERDAM – Dimitri de Laat, a Dutchman with experience in yacht and boat trading, has launched an online platform for risk-free buying and selling of yachts, boats and commercial craft. He says his Vesselbay site makes it technically, legally and practically possible to buy and sell from anywhere in the world.

“The combination of vessels with a discrete negotiating channel attracts potential buyers,” says De Laat, who works with 2 partners. “This is why we created a private negotiating platform. Vesselbay listings instantly bring every yacht, superyacht and commercial vessel in the spotlight.”

De Laat says his years in yachting portals, tender sales, yacht brokerages, central listing brokers and 4,000 boats, superyachts and commercial vessels have taught him “listings need alternative exposure.”

Through Vesselbay, buyers and sellers can start private negotiations. De Laat says the site “brings 75,000 – 175,000 international maritime contacts within reach.” If a preliminary price is agreed, buyers and sellers have 60 days to arrange for a survey, sea trial and/or engine run test,

Negotiating through Vesselbay is free for prospective buyers. There is no limit to the number of private offers and counter-offers that can be made. If a preliminary price agreement is reached, Vesselbay can provide access to an independent purchase broker for assistance.

De Laat charges two types of selling fees: an insertion fee (€ 9.99, € 39.99 or € 3499.99/month) when you create a yacht or vessel listing, and a final 1% commission fee when your yacht or vessel listing is sold.