Endless runtime thruster – Quiet, Thruster 2.0 is market disruptor

SCHIEDAM _ Vetus launched an exceptionally long list of new products at METSTRADE. Key among them: a series of revolutionary bow thrusters. “The Thruster 2.O is to come onto the market at the end of Q1,” says Vetus Product Manager Pieter Veenstra. “I’m already taking orders from around the world.”

If traditional thrusters can be as noisy as a coffee grinder, “the 2.0 is a fully proportional, brushless thruster that is very quiet,” says Veenstra. “It is packed with proven induction technology, so no brushes, no noise!

The 2.0 is ideal for joy stick docking which demands ever more runtime. Two fully proportional panels are available for the thruster: a basic one and one with lock function that lets you moor a boat without using lines or an anchor.

Also, the Thruster 2.0 can be easily retrofitted as its motor fits into the tailpiece and flange of Vetus’ existing thruster range. Veenstra says market reaction to the Thruster 2.0 has been good, especially from Europe and the United States, our biggest markets.” Vetus initially launched 7 thrusters of the new series but more will come on stream in 2018.

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