Heesen Yachts’ 2021 to-do list: work on 14 projects, deliver 6

OSS – Heesen sold 5 yachts in 2020 but there’s no rest for the weary. In 2021, the shipyard will deliver 6 yachts and work on an order book of 14 – semi and full-custom yachts of 50 to 80m (164 to 263ft.) – to be delivered through 2024.

Project Acquamarine

These days, a good number of yachts from Heesen and other Dutch superyacht builders, are speculation projects, i.e., they are constructed with not a buyer in sight.

But demand is healthy these days, driven by very rich people who have no patience to order a yacht and then wait 2 or 3 years for it to be constructed. Heesen Yachts loves them!  It is working on:

Project Aquamarine is the first milestone this year. The yacht is Heesen’s first 5000 aluminum series and will be completed this month. No buyer has yet stepped forward. Nor has one for Project Aura, a 50m steel-hulled water displacer that will be ready to sail in October.

Project Skyfall

Work on Project Skyfall, an all-aluminum full-custom 60m yacht of nearly 900GT, began in October. It will be Heesen’s most powerful yacht (22,000HP) to date that will have a top speed of 37 knots. The yacht was designed by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects. It has a Fast Displacement Hull Form, is powered by 4 MTU 20V 4000 engines that drive 4 Kongsberg S90 waterjets. The client, an “experienced yacht owner” will take delivery of the vessel in 2023. The superstructure goes on the hull in August.

Project Sparta

Heesen began work on the 67m Project Sparta in October. The yacht has an interior volume of about 1200GT. It will be the largest yacht with a steel displacement hull  Heesen ever built. The Fast Displacement Hull Form is a further development of Van Oossanen’s patented hull design. The exterior is a by Winch Design. The yacht’s twin MTU 12V4000 M65R diesels, achieve a 16-knot top speed. The yacht will be delivered in 2023.

Project Triton

Project Triton is the second yacht in Heesen’s 50m steel series. The steel displacement hull was designed by Heesen’s own naval architects and engineers. Two  MTU 8V4000 M63 diesels give Triton a top speed of 15 knots. The exterior was designed is by Clifford Denn, the exterior by Reymond Langton, two British design studios. The yacht was sold last year and will be delivered in March.

Project Cosmos, an 80m aluminum yacht will be launched in November. The yacht is Heesen Yacht’s largest ever. The exterior and interior designs are by Britain’s Winch Design and Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design of the Netherlands, respectively. The order was secured in March 2018. The yacht’s Fast Displacement Hull Form was reinforced for extra rigidity by Heesen’s patented stem-to-stern, ‘backbone’ construction. Four MTU 4000 M73 engines, good for a total of more than 19,000HP, give Project Cosmos a top speed of nearly 30 knots.

Project Cosmos

Oslo Project

Heesen announced in December the sale of a yacht with many custom details, based on its 50m steel series platform. It was the 5th yacht Heesen sold in 2020 and will be delivered in early 2024. The owner will also be the yacht’s captain.

Project Oslo

His extensive experience at sea led him to have Heesen implement practical and technical ideas in the Clifford Denn design. For example: a hybrid propulsion system – 2 MTU 8V4000 M63 engines in tandem with a water-cooled 135 kW Danfoss electric motor on the same propeller shaft.