ZOETERWOUDE – Mulder Shipyard occupies a unique place in Dutch yacht building. It works on – and excels in – both sides of the 30m boat length, where superyachts begin.

Mulder’s bulging order book led the company this year to reopen a building site it abandoned in 2012. Mulder Shipyard moved from that site, just south of Amsterdam, to a new one nearby to handle growing demand for larger boats.

MulderThirtySix Mana

In June, Mulder delivered Mana, its 3rd MulderThirtySix for which Van Oossanen Naval Architects’ again drew its fuel-saving Fast Displacement Hull.

The 36m superyachts – Delta One (2017), Calypso (2019) and Mana (2020) – represent a significant step up from Mulder’s shorter, but highly finished Favorites. The latter are family cruisers with straight bows and sloping sterns that come in 15, 17 and 22m. versions. A 22m Favorite is a newcomer, launched in June, that features a fly-deck and an aft tender garage.

Commercial Director Nick Mulder says after leaving the old complex “there was no more activity there as we concentrated on the new site. But because we received larger orders, we needed more capacity. So, we refurbished the old yard.”

17m Mulder Favourite interior

The focus there lies on the building of Favorites. For years, Mulder has successfully produced high-quality, Favorite-branded cruisers that over time became very luxurious. They have an aluminum, round bilge hull and a straight bow. Jointly designed by Guido de Groot and Mulder, the Favorites are primarily designed for European inland waterways and crossings to England or the Channel Islands.

In only 3 years, the seagoing Mulder ThirtySix, designed for Mediterranean touring, turned into an amazing success story. Powered by 2 Caterpillar C18 diesels of 1,150HP, the MulderThirty36 achieves a top speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots.

“With the 36, of course, we serve a different segment than with the Favorites,” says Mulder.

“We do that on purpose so as not to depend on one market. The design of the 36 stems from the 34m custom-built Solis we delivered in 2015. Then another customer wanted a yacht like that but a tad bigger. For the ThirtySix line, we have standardized the technical platform, i.e. the layout of the piping, the location of the engines, generators, etc., to save costs and raise building efficiency. The 36 is, therefore, semi-custom built.”

Mulder approaches the detailing of the yacht from a small-yacht building perspective. Given its experience in that sector, he says, “we know better than anyone to use all onboard spaces. On the Mulder ThirtySix, you’ll find more volume is used than on vessels of comparable size.”

MulderThirtySix Calypso

The Mulder ThirtySix stays under 300GT, can be sailed with 4 or 6 crew and is ideal for charters, says Mulder. “Together with the University of Amsterdam, we researched the charter market. We think this market is developing further and we respond to that.”

Mulder gladly engages in speculation building. “We started building the Mana at our own risk and sold it to a Dutch client. The advantage for us is having control over production and the purchase of materials. Building a hull easily eats up half of the entire construction time. Spec-building means we can deliver faster which customers appreciate.  We now have a nice mix of spec-building and custom-building.”

In mid-2020, Mulder Shipyard worked on no fewer than 11 projects and weighed the possibilities of combining electric motors for propulsion using generators as the power source. Mulder sees a diesel-electric setup maximizing onboard comfort.