The Sichterman Libertas, a 15 meter aluminium yacht.

WORKUM – Sichterman Yachts, a boutique maker of aluminum motor yachts of 15-26m (50-85ft), has enrolled award-winning interior designer Eric Kuster to work on its 15m Libertas that achieves a top speed of 38 knots.

In 2019, Sichterman Yachts joined a packed field of Dutch builders of exclusive yachts, pledging to “shake up the yacht industry” with six high-end models from the boards of Dutch designer Cor de Rover.

All sport a Hull Vane and Fast Displacement Hull Form, increasingly popular fuel-saving patents of Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

Sichterman is backed by the Billie Lucky Group of Companies, a private equity firm that invests in small family-owned European companies active in real estate, luxury goods, fashion, textile, classic cars and the food and beverage industry

Sichterman launched the first 15m Libertas and 20m Felicitatem in 2020, a year after launching the 18m Inveni.

It says a smart building process and “a disruptive interior program” lets it build the Libertas in only seven months and the Felicitatem in nine months.

The builder says its Libertas is a versatile “vessel is equipped with everything needed for a delightful day out on the water, exploring long stretches of coast at speeds up to 38 knots. It’s also a perfect and trustworthy limousine tender which takes its owners into port when they have anchored their superyacht offshore.”