Holland Composites BV launches ‘Raficlad’ panels

LELYSTAD – Holland Composites BV has introduced composite ‘Raficlad’ panels with unique aesthetic properties. They are fully colored _ a wood motif, for instance _ with the option of being translucent. The company calls its ‘Raficlad Wood’ panels a world first and says they can be installed on indoor and outdoor walls.

“We are now able to combine the advantages of composite wall panels with the appearance of translucent wood,” says Bastiaan van Nunen of Holland Composites.

Holland Composites BV makes advanced composite products for very diverse customers, including the commercial and recreational boat sectors. The company specializes in building luxury and performance sailing and motor yachts through its DNA Performance unit.
It says the most important advantages of its Raficlad Wood panels are durability (UV-resistant, color-fast, corrosion-free and chemically resistant) and freedom of shape. “Using a CNC-controlled water jet cutter we can cut out both flat and molded plates in any desired contour,” says Van Nunen.

The Raficlad Wood panels can easily be removed with the right cleaning tools and water. The facade will remain ‘new’ for a long period of time at low costs over the entire lifespan. Raficlad ‘Wood’ is available in many wood motifs and colors, flat or configurable shapes from 2 to 15 mm thick and with a maximum size of 1,500 x 7,800 mm.