Holland Yachting Group, and its catchy slogan, live on

By Robert Wielaard

Turns out there’s a lot of life left in the Holland Yachting Group.

In 2019, after 50 years, the superyacht lobby quit the HISWA watersports organization to join the Netherlands Maritime Technology trade group. The catalyst was HISWA’s merger with the RECRON tourism lobby.

Since Jan. 1, the 400-or-so member NMT has been crafting a superyacht unit within its ranks of commercial maritime companies. Its provisional moniker – Dutch Yachting Society – didn’t work well. NMT and HISWA-RECRON say they have agreed that NMT can continue to use the Holland Yachting Group name and catchy slogan, “Think Yachts, Think Holland.”

In marketing terms, the HYG name and slogan have proven to be powerful tools.

“Both parties recognized the exceptional value of maintaining the reputation and brand familiarity built up over the past 50 years,” they said in a statement.

“Being able to present ourselves to the international superyacht industry with a familiar name and reinvigorated concept from September offers excellent opportunities,” added Esthec Director, and HYG chairman, Marcel van der Spek.

Rotterdam-based NMT will now further develop a renewed marketing strategy and program by upgrading the website and other communication tools. The results of that exercise will be presented in September.

Under HISWA’s wings, HYG became a world leader in making highly customized, ever bigger, more complex sail and motor yachts of up to 100m and longer. “I am proud of what we have achieved with our members over the past 50 years,” says Geert Dijks who headed up HISWA and is today the Director of HISWA-RECRON.

NMT Director Roel de Graaf says HYG will continue to retain “the same premium quality levels as it did as a HISWA unit.” His trade association promotes Dutch maritime manufacturing abroad via trade missions and participation in exhibitions.