Huisfit working on 2 massive schooners

VOLLENHOVE _ Huisfit, the refit arm of Royal Huisman, has it hands full these days, working on 2 massive schooners: the 93m. (305ft.) Lürssen-built Eos and the 90m (295ft) Athena which Royal Huisman delivered in 2004.

Huisman, founded in 1884 as a builder of wooden workboats, is today a premier maker of high-end, classic sailing yachts. In recent years the yard has significantly boosted its refit and maintenance business. Both Eos (lower photo) and Athena (top foto) are regular Huisfit customers.

Athena is currently listed for sale. Asking price: $45 million. The yacht is due for its 15-year Lloyds certification and its refit will extend to the entire yacht and include work on the main engines, generators and rigging. Also, the teak on the main and bridge decks will be replaced and the yacht will be completely repainted.

Eos was the largest private sailing yacht in the world, until the launch in 2016 of the Oceanco-built Black Pearl, a 106.7m (350 ft.) yacht with a Dykstra-designed high-tech DynaRig.