Hull Vane starts delivering smart wing for recreational yachts

WAGENINGEN – Hull Vane BV has begun marketing its energy-saving underwater transom wing for medium-speed displacement motor vessels of 10 to 20m. Its ‘semi-custom’ Hull Vane was introduced last September, capping 5 years of making inroads into the commercial and high-end yachting sectors.

2 semi-custom Hull Vanes

The company said despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s debilitating impact, already 5 semi-custom Hull Vanes have been – or soon will be – installed on recreational motor yachts: 4 in the Netherlands, one in Spain.

Hull Vane BV says talks are underway to install more Hull Vanes on modest recreational craft. It has a deal with a Dutch company – Workumer Yacht Service – that installs a Hull Vane in a matter of days.

Since 2014, 30 Hull Vanes have gone on commercial vessels and super yachts. The patented hydrodynamic wing cuts resistance and improves sailing comfort aboard motor vessels. It recovers energy from the stern wave and converts it into forward thrust. It generates fewer waves and ship motions, less noise, a higher top speed and less fuel use.

For the 10-20m market, a custom Hull Vane is expensive, so Hull Vane BV developed a semi-custom wing for this category. It crafted and analyzed an extensive database of hull designs of existing 10-20m boats. It developed and simplified the design process to come up with a semi-custom Hull Vane made of aluminum.

Semi-custom Hull Vanes

Since its introduction, Hull Vane BV has – together with Naiad Dynamics, the US maker of marine motion control systems – introduced a “dynamic Hull Vane,” a wing whose angle underwater can be controlled from the wheelhouse.

The Dynamic Hull Vane targets relatively fast vessels with significant displacement such as superyachts and passenger, naval and offshore supply vessels. It responds to market demand for more pitch reduction than a static wing delivers.