In 2022 KNRM rescued 4.000+ people and upgraded its fleet

IJMUIDEN – Lifeboats of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Service responded to 2,524 calls for help in 2022, 10% more than in the previous year but 20% less than in 2020, a record year.

Over 1,400 volunteers helped the service – known by its Dutch acronym of KNRM – saved the lives of people and animals in distress on inland waters and at sea: last year, more than 4,000 people and 155 animals.

Doctors in the KNRM Radio Medical Service provide remote assistance to almost 1,000 sailors and sick crews on commercial vessels worldwide.

In the Netherlands,  KNRM crews assisted in several serious accidents, including two fatal airplane crashes and the collision of a speedboat and a water taxi, in which four people died. The sea rescue service maintains 80 boats of up to 21m (69ft) in length.

It is right now upgrading its fleet. It acquired the first 11m Van Wijk-class lifeboat. Next year, the construction of seven more will start. The roots of the KNRM go back to 1824. A charity entirely depends on voluntary contributions from about 130,000 donors,  sponsors and wills.